November 18, 2006

Artist: Spongecola
Album: Palabas


So now you say
Youre probably mistaken?
Somehow I knew
It was way overdue


Deadened your screams with a pillow
Muffled your words
Like the mute shrills that you are
Affection could not compensate
Pleasure could not compensate


Thoughts in my head
They come and go
But I dont know
I dont remember who you are
I dont remember who you are
I dont remember how we were


boredom speaks

October 28, 2006

Just when I thought I would not be doing this again, but voila! Boredom still works. And I let it maneuver. So basically, this is not the normal real me. hehe. At least I have started.

One whirlwind-ish semester left me smiling now. I survived, and I kept my sanity still. My grades are quite good. But I think Eng’r. Frugal (this is the part where you don’t just read but guess as well ) was too ‘him’ to give me such grades. I could have gotten higher ones if he were only generous enough. But he’s not and I have to deal with it. We have to, at least for the next and, hopefully, last 5 months of this seemingly endless ride to the restaurant at the end of the universe (familiar?). Then, it’s payback time! But it’s nice of him to introduce me to my new found best friend – Principles of Engineering Highway and Traffic Analysis, Second edition. Hehe. I learned a lot.

Still with the past semester, stars were born. Hmm. But stars are not born, they are made. I correct myself. They shoot and all that. Hope they don’t get too enthralled by the gleam and get burned up to being black holes. I wish them luck. I’d rather not talk too much about them. I’m not being paid for it anyway. What’s the point of having them mentioned? Nothing really. They just caused an unwanted but inevitable effect in a Gemini’s springtime world. No more daisy days. But it wasn’t that bad after all. You just have to know where you stand. It’s a matter of letting the fact sink in: Priority calls for options.

If I have to count days, I wish I had more fingers to convince myself that I still have more fun days left before getting back to my usual student mode. But I’m getting ready. How can I not? I don’t have the choice but to stay 5!

Good thing I have with me my calculator. Uh-huh. 🙂


April 16, 2006




Common denominator? Nothing, actually. Just the obvious look of abnormality. We’re siblings, if you happen to know. And I’m one of the boys now since my once rival decided to commit a suicide*. She’s still surviving, though. Get? Thank heavens for Cairah. But hopefully, no more heaven least not too soon.

Took this pic awhile ago before my little big bro (in blue) left the dirty south, an maogmang lugar. Eh? Just in time for easter (or is it too late?) is my big little bro’s apparition, as you would notice in the frame. Yes, that guy in white…who else? Confused yet with the ‘little’ and ‘big’ adjective? Take this, that’s how abnormal they are. Haha!

Sun sets. Another day awaiting. More days, I pray.

I smell school..again. Foul.



*suicide – in this context, a form of indulging oneself into something fatal – marriage!


April 15, 2006

Ola! Apparently this is my first entry and am not quite sure if this would be coherent enough as how I want it to appear. Mind you, this is my blog. 🙂 I just scribble every thought that pops out of my “concrete thinking”. Hehe. Pardon my ego. I just read the result of the IQ Test I took online and it says there that I am indeed, for the record, a concrete thinker. “You have unusually strong verbal and numerical skills. This dynamic combination gives you an exceptional aptitude for solving equations and then communicating those solutions to others in lay terms….”—Tickle. Too flattering yet part of me claims that I do not deserve the title. Let ‘em battle. The usual me – cynical. But I love being such though. It’s being sensitive of the possibility that things might just fall apart so you make yourself all geared up and cautious enough not to fail. (deep…) And if it did fail, well, just take it. Shit happens.

Just before the day ended, I heard wheels screeched. I expected it. And I got myself a chocettes! That,I did not expect. Thanks Mr.Bean. =)

Welcome Easter. Hail Jesus!bunny